Negation “Kein”, “Keine”

“Kein” and “keine” are indefinite articles used to express negation in German. They correspond to the English words “no,” “not any,” or “none.” Their form changes depending on the gender and case of the noun they accompany.

Gender/Number“”no” or “not a/an” in German

To create a negation with “kein” or “keine,” simply place it before the noun you want to negate. Remember to match the gender and number of the noun with the appropriate form of “kein” or “keine.”

  • Das ist kein Auto. (That is not a car.)
  • Sie ist keine Lehrerin. (She is not a teacher.)
  • Das ist kein Apfel. (That is not an apple.)
  • Sie sind keine Ärzte. (They are not doctors.)
  • Wir sind keine Studenten. (We are not students.)

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