Indefinite Article

In German, the indefinite article (singular) is used as “ein.” This article is used to refer to an unspecified entity or object, and for a specific object, the definite articles “der”, “die”, or “das” are used.

Gender/NumberIndefinite Article

For example:

Masculine (Masculine):

Singular: “ein Mann” (a man) Plural: “Männer” (men)

Feminine (Feminine):

Singular: “eine Frau” (a woman) Plural: “Frauen” (women)

Neuter (Neuter):

Singular: “ein Kind” (a child) Plural: “Kinder” (children)

As the indefinite article in singular, “ein” is usually used for unspecified objects or in cases where the exact meaning of a being is not specific.

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